7 Reasons why YOU should do an internship whilst at uni


Are you a student or just out of luck the it comes to work at the mo? Have you thought about becoming an intern?

Internships hold a stigma that they are pointless unless it’s in your chosen career, and are often a very daunting experience for some, but here’s a few reasons why you might want to consider an internship whilst at uni from a fellow student, or as a means to progress further.

You might get hired or find your future employer

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A lot of the time, an internship is something you are either extremely interested in on a personal level, or something that will help advance you in your chosen career path. Thus, the things you learn whilst in an internship environment often help your self confidence in your abilities sky-rocket!

Not only are you given specific projects that are tailored to your skills and knowledge (or the those that you wish to gain), but you are being encouraged to solve problems in ways that differ to those you experience in a classroom. All of this new knowledge is likely to give you a newfound confidence in your presence in a workplace.

You might also find that the skills you learn are something you want to advance further, and may even consider a career in your internship! Not only does it make you look great to an employer if you are enjoying being an intern with them, but they might also hire you afterwards. This was certainly the case with me. After completing an 80 hour internship, my boss offered me a permanent position within the company!

Working hard for an internship, helps you work hard at uni

Image result for working hard gif

Often because an internship is something you have an interest in, it means you are more likely to motivate yourself to do the work!

I found during my internship, that if I had intern work to complete, not only would I get it done (and a lot of the time before the deadline) but I would also be motivated to carry on working when I finished. I would therefore get work set by uni done too, that I either wouldn’t have done until last minute before, or not at all.

Internship work is also something that deviates from what you would normally be learning – almost like an educational breath of fresh air, so you are more likely to want to do it!

The chance to test drive your knowledge and skills in a work place, whilst gaining new ones

mad skills.gif

A huge benefit to doing an internship in a real-life work setting, is being able to put all those hard-earned skills to the test.

That summer you went away with your mates and Becky lost her passport, and you had to troop around looking for the Embassy – that taught you responsibility and independence. Your first heartbreak taught you rejection and how to deal with it (we won’t mention the endless re-runs of rom-coms and “Marvin’s Room” played on repeat). That time you had to look after your friend when a family member was ill – that showed you how to sympathise. Babysitting your siblings taught you sales techniques (“I’ll let you watch ten more minutes of Spongebob, but you have to promise to go STRAIGHT to bed after”).

Your stories might not be as wild or as simple as some of these, but everything you’ve done so far has taught you something. Now you just need an opportunity to show those skills off and develop them further in a job, ready for a career in the future, which is exactly what an internship is.

Whist you’re polishing off your skills, why not gain some more and check out the list of A-Z Reasons Why You Should Do Camp America this year post from earlier in the month?

You’re creating a network, which will help you when you graduate

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NETWORKING. One of the most important words in the world of work – and I’m not talking about the social type (though that is also very important in todays ever-advancing technological age… looking at you here LinkedIn).

Making and having connections in a job, or a career, or even just an interest that you have, can advance you in so many ways in the work place, now and in the future.

That old-fashioned statement of “it’s not what you know, its who you know” that your dad used to mutter when you were a kid and not the least bit interested, is certainly true when it comes to careers. Having an internship is one of the most-proven ways of making those vital connections.

Even if the connections you make are not in a career you are interested in pursuing, they may know someone that is, that they can then recommend you to. Thus, having a good rapport with the connections you make is vital. It might be as simple as meeting a client during your internship and connecting on LinkedIn, but if you were really great and showed off your skills and likeable manner in those two minutes you met – they might be the difference between being offered a job in the future, and not.

It looks great on your CV!

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“They cannot possibly be THAT good?”

Not only do the skills and knowledge you gain at an internship help boost your CV and make you look great, they also show a potential employer that you took it upon yourself to go out and find more experiences than those handed to you.

You have time!

Image result for nothing but time gif

Uni’s great because it’s not like school – that’s why we all love it, right? You don’t spend 8 hours a day in a classroom and you can go out, and get in much later than you tell yourself you will, and  you still manage to crawl in for that 9.15am or work the next morning!

So why not take advantage of all that spare time and energy you have and make your CV look that much better! Having an internship is completely flexible and most employers will be willing to work around your time and expectations, so there’s no need to worry that you won’t have the time or energy to do one.

I did my entire 80 hours in 3 months whilst balancing uni, assignments, two jobs and a social life! Whilst you don’t need to go quite as crazy as me and do it all in 3 months whilst balancing more than you probably should, it’s comforting to know that YOU are the ultimate decider on when you go to your internship and how quickly you do it.

It’s FUN!

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So you know when you start a new job, and at first you don’t quite know what you’re doing and you don’t really know anyone, and you feel all awkward? But then, someone makes a joke and suddenly you’re doomed to be best work pals forever and you learn from each other, and everyone else around you, and before you know it you’ve got 10 more really close mates!

That’s exactly what an internship is like! You get new work friends, with common and dissimilar interests, you have inside jokes and shared lunches, and you learn exactly how everyone likes their brew. If that’s not a reason to motivate you to get up in the morning and go to work, then I’m afraid you’re living in dreamworld.

Still not sure or can’t find an internship you like the sound of? Don’t panic! 

If you fancy an internship opportunity with a company that doesn’t currently provide one – don’t be afraid to ask! The worst they can do is say “no we don’t offer internships” and point you in the direction of other companies that might do.


Have you got any reasons why an internship is great? Have you already had one?

Good luck!

Love, Gee xx


YOUR WEEK: As Styled by Poppy Apparel


Thanks to the lovely Nadine over at Poppy Apparel, I have recently been recruited by them to give you guys a special 10% off with the code ‘geemeets10’. To celebrate, I thought I’d put together a little lookbook of my fav pieces to help you decide what to spend your hard-earned $$$ on. Check it out below with OG prices (pre 10% discount) included, and follow the links to buy – with free shipping worldwide.

Don’t forget your 10% off with ‘geemeets10‘!

MONDAY: I-wish-it-were-still-Sunday

Ever get that complete lack of motivation on a Monday and spend most of the day wishing it were still the weekend? Yeah, me too. For the perfect ‘I can’t be bothered but still want to look like I’ve made an effort’ look, pop on the breast tee I’ve ever seen (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun – £15.76) with the Amarah wide-leg pants (£35.10) that are not only a gorgeous colour, but also have an ELASTIC mid waist – perfect for snacking. Love it.

TUESDAY: Tempting Tee’s

For the Feminist:

The Future Is Female Tee (£17.19) that we’ve seen e v e r y w h e r e (featured in Stylist Magazine before Christmas and has been all over social media, will look great with anything bright – pop on the Amarah wide leg’s or a bright skirt like the Lizzie (£28.65) for a statement look in more than one way.

The Don’t Compare Tee (17.91) is a cheeky reminder to wear across your chest and will look great with mom jeans and converse.

dont compare

Or, wear the Feminist AF Bodessa Tee (£15.04) on top of a long sleeve white tee with black jeans and Vans or boots.

feminsit af

For the Coffee-Addict:

Try the First Coffee Tee paired with the Abia Tan coat, dark blue skinnies, boots and the Antonia Coffee Crossbody Bag (£18.62). Throw on the Alice Sunglasses for added allure.

For the Veggie:

veggie tee

Are you a proud veggie, or know someone who is? Shout it out with this simple statement Eating Animals Is Weird Tee (£15.04).

For the Boob-savvy:

Having seen this tee around quite a bit, I’m in love with it. Perfect for the boob-proud gal in your life. Add some extra sparkle with the Amarie Blazer (£35.10) and Ballie Skirt (£25.07).

For the cactus fan:

Who doesn’t love cactuses? They look great in your room and now on your chest too with the Staive (£20.05) or Edel Tee’s (£17.19).

For the GIRL GANG:

The Belpha Skirt (£26.50) is definitely a piece I’ll be adding to my wardrobe come payday! As a fan of anything yellow, this is perfect for me, but also comes in a blush pink colour. Pair with the ‘Boy, Bye’ Bettie black tee and the silver Linn mirrored sunglasses for a daytime look that screams independence and power that even Little Mix would be jealous of.


Elegant Button Down Shirt (£27.22) teamed with straight leg trousers, or a pencil skirt like the Fatima (£17.19) or Frencia (21.49). Opt for bright colours for a brighter look, or keep it super chic with blacks. Mid-heel pointed toe heels, or white trainers for a comfier look.


The Elliana Blouse (£21.49) with the Adairah embroided jeans (£45.13) is perfect for an elegant daytime look. The blush pink pairs naturally with the colours in the embroidery in the jeans and the lantern sleeve is classy and comfy, ready for a long day.

FRIDAY: Night Out Glam

The Corona Bodysuit (£20.05) is 100% a fav of mine. The V-neck plunge and endless sparkles are sure to make you feel glam – add high-waisted jeans or the Ballie skirt with opaque tights ands heels or block boots. Accessorise with big hoops and a minimal necklace.

SATURDAY: Girl About Town

Look #1:

The Chelsee Red Blouse (£21.49) paired with black skinnies or the black pvc/leather look Ballie skirt (£25.07) for instant glam.

Add the Chiara Crossbody Bag (£20.05) for a chic daytime look. I’m in love with the simplicity of this bag, it’s also super similar to Givenchy’s Antigona medium leather tote (RRP £1,590!!).

Look #2:

The gorgeous Abrielle blouse (£25.07) worn with washed out black/grey skinnies is sure to keep you feeling chic all day. Add the Aida Crossbody Bag (£25.07) in red to help accentuate the embroidery in the shirt.



Sundays. They’re designed for lazy morning’s and PJ’s, but if, for any reason you do have to emerge from your bed, pop on the Elmiera Sweater Dress, with tights (opaque, nude, fishnets) and knee high or ankle boots. Don’t worry about messy hair – throw it half up half down or run your fingers through it for that ‘I meant to do it’ messy hair. Voila! Ready in five mins.

What were your fav looks? Will you be treating yourself to some Poppy Apparel? If you do, don’t forget to use ‘geemeets10’ for 10% off your order and free shipping!

See you next time,

Love, Gee xx









A-Z of Camp America


With the final Camp America Recruitment Fair coming up THIS WEEKEND, I thought people might fancy some advice from someone who’s already done it to help them decide whether or not to sign up to camp this summer. So, here’s everything you need to know before jetting off for a summer of fun, endless Instagram opportunities and lots of new worldly pals!

ca recruitment fair

Adventure! As cliché as it sounds, every day is an adventure at camp. Be it learning something new, finding a new place or having a day away exploring.


The fun only stops when you’re sleeping – and even then that’s not always true!


Even learning how to sleep upright becomes good fun!

Bugs. Particularly mosquitoes. To be honest, if your legs don’t look like you’ve got chicken pox at some point during the summer then we need to have a chat to see where I’m (and every other person at camp are) going wrong.

bug bites

A T T R A C T I V E.

Coffee – before you know it you’ll be surviving on 4 cups a day, you won’t even care how it comes anymore, just GIVE ME THE CAFFEINE.


That time we ordered $50 worth of caffeine for the team

DANCING. You dance in camp songs, you dance because you’re happy, you dance to cheer the kids up when they’re homesick, heck, you even dance just for the sake of bustin’ a move and getting some giggles!


Embarrassing. You’re gonna embarrass yourself and that’s okay! It might be an accident or it might be on purpose, but the best thing is, NO ONE CARES! You also have an absolute laugh doing it (or making jokes about it after) and your confidence sky-rockets as a result!


Tye-dye and bandana’s? *shudders*

Fancy Dress. There’s always an opportunity to get dressed up at camp. I’d like to take this time to thank camp for teaching me never to go blonde.


Def gonna regret putting this up on the internet… oops.

Google. Google has the answer for everything. The kids ask you a weird question or there’s something niggling at the back of your mind no can seem to answer? Just give it a google!

mosquito bites google

Yes this was a real Snapchat story of mine.

Happy. There is not a single day that goes by where there is not something to smile about.


Even getting whipped cream shoved in your face somehow makes you happy?

Ice cream – there’s always an excuse for ice cream, and thankfully America has some of the best ice creams parlours I’ve ever had the pleasure of stepping into! Ghiredelli’s, Kilwin’s and Cold Stone Bakery are just a few of my fav’s.


We were v Happy Joe’s in Happy Joe’s, WI.

Jokes. You spend nine weeks with a team of people from all over the world! Before you know it, you’ve got tonnes of inside jokes and memories to look back on and laugh about in years to come.


Like that time you all broke into the kitchen at midnight on a weekend off because no-one had eaten

Knots. You will get really, really good at these and even pick up some new ones whilst you’re at it! You need knots for all the camping trips you are going to go on and to tie all the friendship bracelets you are going to make, or have made for you. Before long, you’ll be up to your elbows (literally) in various bits of thread knotted nicely in different designs.


Also needed to avoid tent mishaps like this…

Lifelong friends. The team you work with whilst at camp often become some of your best friends for life. Not only did you share a summer of fun and memories together, but you also shared a bond that will likely last the test of time and distance! Whilst it sucks that they don’t always live in the same city – or even country – as you, and time difference makes things really hard, the bright side is you always have an excuse to go do more travelling!

In January, I flew to Poland to visit two of my closest friends and ended up making a few more whilst I was there!

Not only that, one of those friends came to visit me in May and another came in December with our friend from Australia and our friend from the US. Traveling becomes a lot cheaper when you are lucky enough to have friends all over the place.

There’ll be plenty of reunions.

Money. YOU GET PAID WHISLT AT CAMP! Whilst this should 100000% not be your only reason for going, its a super bonus. You have no excuse not to bathe in the thousand of new experiences around you! Baseball game? Sure, that sounds fun. Oversized breakfast and all-you-can-drink coffee at Denny’s? Sounds amazing, I’ll take two. Heck, you even have money to travel all over the States after camp and see all the sights you’ve only ever goggled at on Instagram, or Facebook videos!


Trip to Six Flags, check. Camping, check. Wasting $$$ fixing your smashed phone…. CHECK. Hey, at least we made it a tourist op!

Nervous! There’s going to be days where you feel really nervous and that’s alright! Maybe you are about to do a funny show on stage in front of everyone for the kids, or you are flying across the country on your own. Whatever it is, remember it is perfectly normal to be nervous and you can always ask someone for help. Remember to hold yourself high, smile and tell yourself “I got this”.



Yup, wasn’t nervous about this AT ALL.


Outside. Thanks to the nature of camp, you get to spend at least a little time outside every day. Not only can you work on your tan without sitting there for hours, but it’s also a super nice and refreshing change when most of the year you are stuck inside a building.

Delavan Lake

Yeah, I’ll take views like this over uni anyday thank you.

Pizza. There will be lots of pizza whilst you’re in the US. Domino’s and Papa John’s takeaways, Chicago Deep Dish pizzas, and $1 pizza slices in New York City will forever hold a special place in your heart.


“Take us to the pizzaaaaa”

Questions. Kids like to ask questions. A lot of them. And unfortunately, we don’t always have the answers. Be prepared. Be very prepared. “Why is the sky blue?”, “What is that squirrel doing in the tree?”, “Can you get me some Mountain Dew from Walmart?”, “Did we miss the turn?”, “Why are you wearing that?”


Rainbow Tag! Hands down my favourite game in the entire world. There’s paint, there’s running and there’s often lots of water too. Get ready for ruined shirts, wet pants and lots of laughing! If only we could make it a drinking game for Saturday nights with your pals back home…

rainbow tag

Yup. Looking gorgeous here too…

Sunshiiiiine! Ah the sweet shine of the sun… not something we are lucky enough to get often in the UK. Enjoy it whilst it lasts, the tan will have faded by Christmas.


Big fan of sunSETS too – ‘Murica you’re doing amazing sweetie.

TRAVEL. After camp, you can go anywhere you like in the USA! In my two summers, I’ve been to Florida, Washington D.C., New York, Illinois, Oregon, California, Utah, Arizona and Wisconsin.

Gem car.JPG

All you need is a car and funky pals

Underwear. You lose yours, kids leave it everywhere, other staff members don’t care if you see them in it or their dirties hanging out by the washing machine. It’s basically like living with your baby brother again. Get used to it.

Related image

Underwear on the flagpole becomes a bit of a regular occurrence really.

Videos! Whilst you’re away there will be tonnes of video opportunities, be it on Snapchat or just someone wanting to make a funky home video. You will find when you come home and start to miss camp, there is honestly nothing better than snuggling up and watching your old snapchat stories or a video that someone’s put together.

In my first summer, they even made us do a Video Scavenger Hunt during our team-building training, where we had to video ourselves doing silly tasks like walking an invisible dog past strangers, having a conversation through tubes in Walmart, or trying every dip at McDonalds (FYI: chips dunked in honey is actually not as gross as it sounds).


rewatching camp vids

Oh look, someone caught me rewatching camp vids again

WALMART. Omg the haven of all havens. The source of all good things. Walmart has everything. Things you didn’t even know you needed? Walmart has them. AND THE BEST THING OF ALL? It’s cheap and there’s always one no further than a 15 minute drive away.


Big luv 4 u

You find yourself popping to Walmart just because you’re bored, and where better to entertain yourself then amongst aisles and aisles of goodies at reasonable prices? You can even go all out and play Hide and Seek in there, or complete a Video Scavenger Hunt (I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t done both). Ah Walmart. Amazing.


Walmart Hide ‘N’ Seek Champion Summer 2017… mostly because I hid in the gym section, no one even thought to look for me there.

Xsdfoijfndsiodjwo. Didn’t make sense? Yeah, neither will 60% of the stuff the kids will come out with. You have been warned.

Some of my fav quotes for you to enjoy:

  • “Miss Gee there was a ten out of ten per cent chance I could have drowned!”
  • “You two look exactly alike, kind of.”
  • “Miss Gee can you drown me but not kill me?”


Yearly. A lot of the time when talking about camp, you’ll hear the phrase “living ten for two” thrown around. That’s because often, even if you don’t plan on it, camp becomes a yearly thing and people end up living ten months for the two months they get to spend back at camp.

My friends always like to remind me how I always said before my first summer that it was only going to be a one-year thing… and now I’m getting ready for a third summer!


All about that camp life

Zoo? Okay so I cheated here, but on that theme – you’ll see plenty of wildlife during your stay! I’ve been lucky enough to see elks, bears, racoons, hummingbirds, geckos, otters and more! There’s no zoo in the world that can beat seeing unique wildlife where it naturally belongs.


Lil Gecko we met at Horseshoe Bend, AZ.

Convinced? Head over to Camp America now for more info or follow their Facebook and Twitter pages for more inspo.

Have you done anything like this before, or know someone who has?

See you Stateside!

Love, Gee xx



HOW TO: Avoid January blues


So this month has made me realise how bad I am at keeping to my own promises! Not only have I failed to keep this place up to date, I’ve also neglected the resolutions I’d made for 2018, within the first month!


I know I’m definitely not the first, and only, person to toss off my New Years Resolutions for 2018, but I’m determined to be better the rest of this year. So bear with me whilst I plan to keep up to date over here, and on time to everything else in my life!

As a start to keeping my end of January Resolution (because I’ve decided this is way more important than the New Years ones anyway!), here’s a list of self-care tips I’ve found super useful to keeping me calm and motivated so far this year.

Don’t forget, self-care isn’t always spa days and pamper weekends! Self-care can be as little as setting aside a couple hours to watch that rom-com you haven’t seen in years, or having an early night after a rough week. Hope these tips help you find your inner zen!

Have a bath!

I’m a sucker for always choosing a shower over a bath – it’s quicker, easier and 9 times out of 10 I’m in a rush. But take some time to run a hot bath, light some candles and pour some of your favourite bath salts or soak in and pop on a soothing playlist – Acoustic Cafe is always a good shout for this occasion. I can guarantee you’ll feel 99.9% more relaxed and often, having a bath makes it easier for me to sleep properly too.

My fav bath time essentials:


heart candles.jpg

My mum bought me some gorgeous heart shaped tea lights when I moved away for uni and now I can’t use anything else! Check out these stunning ones from The White Company, or opt for a cheaper set at your local Primark which are just as fab!

Primark also do tonnes of other really gorgeously scented and affordable candles so don’t forget to have a look next time you’re in!

Bath Salts:

My housemate’s work pal bought her Love + Hope from Australia’s Green Tea and Lime bath salts last year and we’ve been religious users ever since. However, we can’t find where to buy them anywhere, so we’re opting to try these iKOU Organic Bath Salts next.

Also, take a look at these stunning salts from The Yorkshire Soap Company, which I recently discovered when I was back home. Their stores are like a magical portkey into the wizarding world of Harry Potter, where they have fluffy Hedwig stuffed toys flying from the ceiling and Potter music playing in the background. Order online some of their fab salts, and other pamper products, here. I personally loooove the Cherry Bakewell salts but there’s so many more to choose from!

Yorkshire Soap Company

Pretty soaps in pretty places with my pretty pals

Bath Soak:

Soap & Glory is just a winner here. Radox are also fab for freeing you of anything but relaxation, have a look here.

Avoid naps

There I said it. Trust me, I hate myself for that one as much as you do. But honestly, napping during the day only disrupts your sleeping patterns at night and causes you more issues in the long run. Half the time, when you’re really tired and decide to have a quick nap, you wake up four hours later feeling worse than you did before. Your motivation dies a death and you likely don’t get much but a Netflix binge done afterwards! Instead, opt for an earlier bed time that night and drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your energy up.


Don’t do a Leslie

Put on a face mask

Self explanatory.

My fav’s:

Boots essentials cucumber 3 minute mask (smells amazing, works on sensitive skin and 90% of the time is on 3 for £3 with my fav cleanser and toner). Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee … coffee addict + face mask version = perfection.

Why not try homemade masks? Reader’s Digest have some pretty fab ones here or try out some of beauty queen Farah Dhukai‘s homemade remedies.

Call a pal, or your Mum, or whoever

Talking about things that are going on in your life always helps, but not necessarily if it’s not with the right person. The amount of times I’ve come home excited about a new purchase or a good day at work to my male housemates and been given blank stares in return is more than I’d like to admit, and it only puts a damper on your mood. Call your gals, or your mum and just have a chat!

call help.gif


Eat some junk food

Okay so technically speaking self care is taking care of your body, and junk food doesn’t exactly do that… but it does if you’re craving it! In moderation, it’s not a bad thing to enjoy a curry or a pizza every now and again, so why not treat yourself and binge Netflix when you need a little pick me up?


Have a hot drink

I’m a firm believer that a hot drink solves near enough any problem. Don’t just settle for tea or coffee – try a hot choc, or earl grey or green tea every once in a while too!

Get an early night

Catch up on those Zzz’s and feel totally motivated the next day for whatever work you need to get done.



Wanna read a book? Watch a film? Go on a run? Whatever you need to do to chill out, do it! Just take some time to get yourself back into tip top shape.


We feel ya Chandler

What are your go-to pick me up’s when you need some me time? Do you have any favourite products you’d recommend to others?

Happy Late-New Years!

Love, Gee xx